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Welcome to the creative brain of Jake Knox!

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Session Work, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Analog to Digital and everything in between. Jake started out in Los Angeles as composer and quickly became a producer for Grammy Multi-Platinum artists. All projects are crafted in his top tier hybrid production studio which is filled with live instruments and analog gear. It is a little slice of heaven. 

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Filming, Editing, Consulting

Over the years Jake has began to craft his own music videos. This lead him down the rabbit hole of video production. The gear is top notch, and the creative vision is crafted from an artistic heart and an analytical mind. 

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Music Direction/ Creative Consultant/ Educator

Things can get overwhelming in the industry. It is nice to know the order of operations to better control budget and create goals with trackable metrics. This goes the same with education. From music directing Grammy Award Winning artists to teaching Grammy Award Winning producers, Jake has done it all. Art is a gift that we must pass on!

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